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We are looking for a goal-driven tax preparer to be responsible for preparing tax returns. Tax preparers should ensure confidentiality, provide excellent service to promote repeat business, and provide future tax planning to clients.

To ensure success as a tax preparer, you should be knowledgeable of legislation and regulations, provide excellent service to clients, and maintain the high standard set by the organization. Ultimately, a top tax preparer will be detail-oriented with excellent oral and written communication skills to handle correspondence from clients and tax authorities.

Tax Preparer Responsibilities:
• Preparing tax returns for clients, by researching tax laws and regulations, preparing calculations based on the client’s financial information.
• Calculating taxes by reviewing clients’ tax histories, income statements, and other documents, and using this information to prepare tax returns.
• Preparing tax withholding forms such as Form W-4 for employees or Form 1099 for independent contractors.
• Reviewing clients’ financial records for evidence of business income or personal expenses that may not have been reported on tax returns.
• Handling communication from clients and tax authorities.
• Auditing all tax forms for completeness and accuracy.
• Providing future tax planning to clients, based on their current situation and future goals.
• Analyzing tax data submitted by the client to maximize the outcome for the client.
• Researching tax laws and updating knowledge of changes in tax policy to ensure compliance with IRS regulations.
• Responsible for maintaining files, tracking data and organizing paperwork.

Tax Preparer Requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance. (preferred)
• Registered Tax Return Preparer Test completed. (preferred)
• Registration with the IRS with a valid PTIN.
• Minimum of 5 years’ experience.
• Computer literate.
• Attention to detail.
• Organizational skills.
• Strong oral and written communication skills.
• Must ensure confidentiality.