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Simplifying your tax experience.


A Digital Agency

At Simply Tax we e-file every tax return.  There are options in place to provide your documents to us digitally – ask us how.  If you would prefer your tax return digitally instead of hard copy – let us know when you drop off.  We will gladly provide your tax return on either a DVD or password protected PDF via email.

Forward Thinking

We enjoy assisting our clients in their tax planning.  If you have a situation that you believe may result in a large tax payment due at the end of the year, come see us.  We will gladly assist in estimating your taxes due and provide you with information to make an estimated tax payment.  This will help to prevent penalties and interest.

Problem Solvers

Get an IRS notice?  Don’t know what to do or how to handle?  We can review the notice and determine a response to send to the IRS to help get the matter resolved.

Client Support

Ask us about our client support programs.  These 3 programs have different services included, they are monthly billing.  All of our client support programs include tax return preparation.

Timely Support

We will respond to emails and calls within 1 business day.


Our team looks forward to new software, new tax laws and staying ahead of the changes.

Advanced Technology

E-filing, Digital copy of tax returns available, Digital submission of client data for preparation available.

Clear Communication

At Simply Tax we try to make taxes clear and understandable.

We provide tax planning and preparation, whether you are in the Holland MI area or nationwide. We work with:

  • Individuals
  • “C” Corporation
  • “S” Corporation
  • Partnership
  • Sole Proprietorship (Self-Employed)
  • LLC (Note: A LLC is a disregarded entity according to the IRS and is technically taxed as either a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, or C or S Corporation)
  • Estates
  • Trusts
Turn Around Time

At Simply Tax we have a double check process for all of our clients tax returns.

Individuals: To provide you with the best experience for our review meeting, we ask that you allow us 10 business days to prepare your tax return.

Businesses: We require a 10 business day minimum to allow for review of the financial information. This is to ensure that the information reported on the tax return follows GAAP and IRS code.

Client Pricing

Each return is individually priced based on the complexity of the preparation.

For businesses:  If materials and source documents are not organized and compiled before meeting with our tax professionals, there will be an added bookkeeping fee.  The organization and reconciliation of transactions will vary by entity, but is necessary for the purpose of tracking money flow from entities such as partnerships, S and C Corporations to the partners and shareholders.

Don't Be Shy. We Welcome You.

If you are interested in working together, drop us a line.  We welcome your questions and look forward to assisting you.