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COVID-19 Response

Due to the “stay in place” order from Governor Whitmer, our office has closed and we are working remotely. That being said, we will be unavailable to meet in person to review tax returns. We are offering our clients to meet virtually through either phone conference or...

2020 Mileage Rates

The IRS has issued new mileage rates for 2020. 57.5 cents per mile for business 17 cents per mile for medical 14 cents per mile for charitable purposes Read more about it...

Protect yourself!

Quick tip for 2020: When signing and dating legal documents, do not use 20 as the year 2020. March 3rd, 2020 being written as 3/3/20 could be modified to 3/3/2017 or 3/3/2018. Protect yourself. Do not abbreviate 2020.